Product Information

Product name: glue machine

Product model: XYD - GXT600

Product introduction:

XYD - GXT600 automatic glue machine is for the sake of consumer electronics, automotive electronics, solar energy, super capacitor, and other fields to achieve AB glue automatic glue, really solve the glue required products, sheet of the product on the machine automatically complete all glue.









For the glue system
Control system: PLC control, touch screen display, parameters such as the quantity of glue, the glue speed setting;
Matching system: the double step motor accurately control the ratio of metering pump, the proportion is adjustable; 10:10-100:100
Hybrid system: dynamic/static way;
Cleaning system: gas and liquid two cleaning method, mixed automatic cleaning device and mixing transportation part;
Alarm system: the match by the high and low liquid level sensor material cylinder, short and full automatic alarm; With a stirring device, heating thermostatic device and vacuum deaeration function;
Solid proof: prevention and curing and stay, and fault alarm function;
Storage function: can store multiple sets of perfusion parameters, realize the perfusion, same product there is no need to edit parameters;
Mode: the chain transmission way, can be connected with other conveyors;


Three axis system
triaxial system adopts the trapezoidal, speed, acceleration and deceleration technology foresight, micro line segment interpolation;
the quantity of glue gun valve control;
which can realize arbitrary 3 d space curve of the high speed continuous movement, the pulse frequency can be up to 5 MHZ.
High precision positioning control, repetitive positioning accuracy of + / - 0.5 pulse;
High speed, large capacity of 2 g MiniSD file storage, can store 999 documents, each file of 65535 points;
Bus to perform high-speed data transmission, using 230 KB/s rate of industrial RS485 bus and 480 MB/s of USB2.0 bus;
Excellent teaching function. Support array, graphical browsing and rotation, the three dimensional elliptic, commonly used graphics library insert, higher functions such as group editing;
Comprehensive dispensing technology solutions, including close glue, does lag glue, suspension service in advance, movement speed, sealing 


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