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Product Name: automatic glue machine

Product type: XYD-GXT300

Product introduction:

XYD-GXT300 automatic glue machine is for consumer electronics, automotive electronics, solar energy, super capacitors, and other fields to achieveautomatic AB adhesive glue, glue the real solution to the requirements of the product, the whole product put on the machine automatically complete all glue,XYD-GXT600 automatic glue machine has the advantages of high performanceadvantage. The obvious is reliable and durable,simple design, suitable forvarious specifications of the products. With a friendly operating software, to ensure that the system is stable and reliable. The system is a two-component epoxy resin, liquid ammonium poly resin, two-component silicone two-component liquid to achieve a state of automatic glue application and design,three axis adjustable stroke, the application of products. XETAR for customers in the development, manufacturing and product innovation, to provide complete solutions

Automatic glue machine glue supply system

Control system: PLC control, touch screen display, the amount of glue, gluespeed setting;

Proportioning system: double precision stepper motor control metering pumpratio, 10:10-100:100 ratio can be adjusted;

Hybrid system: dynamic / static method;

Cleaning system: gas and liquid of two cleaning methods, cleaning device andautomatic mixed mixed transport component;

Alarm system: the cylinder with the liquid level sensing device, lack of materialand filled material automatic alarm; and with a stirring device, constant temperature heating device and vacuum deaeration function;

Fixing: anti curing, proof and fault alarm function;

Storage: can store multiple sets of perfusion parameters, multi segment perfusion, the same product without the need to re edit the parameters;

Transmission mode: chain conveying way, which can be connected with otherconveying line;

Location: automatic positioning device, to ensure that the product positioningaccuracy;


Three axis system
Three axis system using trapezoid acceleration and deceleration, speed forward, micro line interpolation;
- gun valve to control the quantity of cement;
High speed continuous movement, can realize arbitrary 3 dimensional space curve, the pulse frequency can reach 5MHz;
High precision positioning control, repeat positioning accuracy up to +/-0.5 pulse;
- 2G large capacity high speed MiniSD file storage, can be stored 999 files, each file 65535;
And the high-speed data transmission by 230kb/s bus, RS485 bus and 480Mb/s rate of the industrial USB2.0 bus;
Excellent teaching function. Advanced features to support array, graphical browsing, three-dimensional elliptic, common graphics library, insert, edit group;
Dispensing technology and comprehensive solutions, including advance off glue, plastic, cable stayed behind lift, movement speed, closed graph turns settings and other functions;
A powerful PC compatibility with Logoshop software, you can import the mainstream design software (such as AutoCAD, CoralDraw, carved, etc.) to generate a variety of file formats (such as.NC, AI, DXF,.JPG,.BMP, scanner, etc.);
Achieved with the PC, and on-line debugging and other functions. The WYSIWYG graphical programming method;
Rated speed: less than or equal to 300mm/s (X-Y-Z);
Repeat accuracy: + / - 0.05mm;
- drive mode: stepper motor + BELT + linear slide rail;
- control mode: point to point, line and arc interpolation;
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