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Shenzhen XETAR Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which is specialized in the solutions of fluid control system and magnetic

XETAR dispensing system two parts potting solution leader as a whole solving project leader, master the core of two parts liquid injecting technology and XETAR for you provide 2K epoxy resin,  polyurethane,silicone, mixed material,measurement and vacuum potting injection technology and solutions. We have many years of rich experience in the accumulation of a wide range of products and technology applications, to meet the needs of customers to upgrade the product.

We have many years of accumulation of rich experience and extensive product technology application, to meet the requirements of the customer product constantly upgrading.

We have pleasure in sound for 19years,Focus on double liquid injecting system and double liquid injecting automation solutions.

Product range of applications: automotive electronics ,industrial electronics, electrical industry, solar energy, new energy, aerospace/navigation, military, lighting/LED, communications/power, electric tools, home appliances/consumers, component

Vision: To be the market leader of two parts dispensing system and integrated solutions


Automotive electronics,

industrial equipment,





Modules power

Control system






Home appliance

electric tools

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In 2008, the first set of Two parts potting equipment machine that enables adjustable mixing ratio and glue output speed and continuous output volume were launched into the market.

“The improvement of customers’ satisfaction and product quality are the lifeline of our survival and development”. To this end, all  XETAR staffs are constantly learning and understanding advanced foreign technologies and excellent management experiences, and strive for the future of national industry and XETAR .
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