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XYD-DJI Precise dispensing machine with single glue

Products characteristics:
◆ It is controlled by MCU, and LCD displays clearly the dispensing parameters
◆ The dispensing parameters are displayed digitally, such as: leading time, delay time, glue exudation time and others
◆ It is equipped with the mechanical adjustment device, and can be adjusted front and back, up and down, and left and
right based on the dispensing requirements.
◆ It is equipped with the angles adjustment device, and can be adjusted freely between 0~45°;
◆ It adopts the precise stepping motor for the driving, so the dispensing speed can be controlled freely;
◆ The controller is equipped with the dispensing counter, so the number of dispensing can be checked at any time.

Technical specifications
◆ Returning diameter of worktop: 0 ~ ¢ 100mm
◆ Driving mode: stepping motor
◆ Revolving speed of motor: 0 ~ 200 rev / min
◆ Up-and-down motion frequency: ≥ 50 times / minute; air source: ≥ 0.5Mpa
◆ Power supply and power AC220V 50HZ/50W;
◆ Dimensions 460mmx350mmx380mm;
◆ weight 15kg

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