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XYD228B-01 Single fluid dispensing machine

The appearance is compact and beautiful, so the installation space is saved, the dispensing time is displayed digitally,and then the glue productivity can be controlled visibly. It applies to a variety of industrial fluids, is equipped with the vacuum suction function for controlling the dilution fluid, there are the timing operation mode and continuous operation mode; the glue exudation rate is fast, and the operation is simple.

Products characteristics:
◆The liquid is pushed out by the high pressure air within the set time through the pedal switch or automatically
◆There are the instillation, continuous instillation and timing instillation modes; the instillation mode refers to that the glue is instilled through the pedal switch, and the instillation accuracy can also be controlled by the time; the continuous instillation refers to that the instillation time is controlled by the closing time of pedal; the timing instillation refers to that the instillation is controlled by the transit time of trigger switch
◆ The high-precision digital timing controller is used to precisely control the each instillation time, up to the
millisecond, and control accurately the flow of the liquid, so no liquid is wasted.
◆As long as the air pressure and time are regulated well, and the needle is select appropriately, then the instillation
amount and time at each time can be changed easily. Many glue instillation problems can be solved, the operation is
simple, efficient and easy
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