Product Information

XYD-DL vertical dispensing machine

Products characteristics:
◆ LCD displays clearly the dispensing parameters
◆ Double stations design realizes the dispensing of T iron and magnetic steel at the same time
◆ The materials are pushed to the production line through the automatic push method to improve the production efficiency
◆ The dispensing parameters can be set freely, such as: leading time, delay time, glue exudation time and others
◆ It is equipped with the mechanical adjustment device, and
can be adjusted up and down, and left and right based on the dispensing requirements
◆ It is driven by the DC motor, so that the revolving speed of turntable can be adjusted freely
◆ The controller is equipped with the dispensing counter, so the number of dispensing can be checked at any time

Technical specifications
◆ Returning diameter of worktop: 0 ~ ¢ 100mm
◆ Driving mode: DC motor
◆ Up-and-down motion frequency: ≥ 50 times / minute; air source: ≥ 0.5Mpa
◆ Power supply and power AC220V, 50HZ/50W
◆ Dimensions: 1050mmx600mmx1500mm (dispensing machine with pushback); dimensions: 1000mmx650mmx1550mm (dispensing machine with lateral push)
◆ Weight: 75kg;

Application scope
It is designed based on the glue and other liquids that need the quantitative supply occasions, and it is mainly used for
the dispensing of round products with the diameter less than Ф500mm (such as speakers, bearing sealing, auto parts and other electronic products)
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