Product Information
XYD -TS-500B two-track three-axis glue-pouring Machine

Products characteristics:
◆ XYD automatic dispensing machine can run separately without the external computer, and it is installed conveniently and operates simply.
◆ Hand-held programming device is used for programming to
achieve the precise positioning, three-axis linkage of
dispensing, the line interpolation in space or two-axis circular
interpolation; the control panel is equipped with the graphical buttons.
◆ It is equipped with the trapezoidal or S-shaped curvilinear
acceleration and deceleration functions;
◆ There is the online teaching function on the dispensing and moving mode; and there are other super functions, such as,the matrix copy of various paths, offset correction, set of
calibration points, and the procedures transmission among
cabinets and others;
◆ Rigid structure;
◆ There is the independent and universal input and output;
◆ It is possible to store many independent programs
◆ Easy programming, operation and maintenance;
◆ The design can be customized according to customers’
application requirements;

Application scope
UV adhesive, Silicon, EPOXY, red plastic, elargol, AB glue, COB vinyl, conductive adhesive, cooling aluminum paste, instant adhesive and other common glue can be used by the XYD dispensing machine.

Specification Table

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