Product Information
XYD-XTFS coating machine

Products characteristics:
◆ It is controlled completely by the computer with Windows XP operating system, and there are two operation languages which can be switched between them;
◆ It adopts the sedan appearance, there are glass doors at the back and front, so the operation and maintenance are very convenient;
◆ X, Y, Z and U-axes adopt the servo motor + linear modules, and the precision can reach 0.02mm(or adopt Stepping motor + linear modules, and the precision can reach 0.03mm. ).
◆ There is the slide-type width-adjustment mechanism to facilitate the adjustment, and thereby to ensure the parallel delivery rails;
◆ The delivery chain is driven by the dual stepping motors;
◆ It adopts the online rail design to conduct the online connect with other machines;
◆ It is easy to prepare the glue-spreading trace program, so it can be taught manually, and CAD drawings can be converted to DXF files;
◆ There is one glue coating valve and one glue spraying valve, and they can be switched
according to production needs;
◆ The speed, height and delay of glue valve of each glue spraying trace can be separately set; and the glue valve can be cleaned automatically;
◆ The glue valve can be cleaned automatically;
◆ It is equipped with the automatic reset and calibration function to ensure the operation accuracy;
◆ It is equipped with the painting container, and adopts the CC/CV output to ensure the uniform flow;
◆ It is equipped with interfaces to communicate with external devices;
◆ It is equipped with the exhaust emission system;

Application scope
Applicable coatings: liquid coatings, such as: UV glue, conformal coating, paint, etc.
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