Product Information
XYD-GS500 dual-liquid mixing glue

Products characteristics:
◆ It adopts the PLC control and uses the LCD touch screen for the display, so there is the stable glue productivity, and
the glue exudation time, glue exudation rate and glue productivity can be set directly;
◆ Dual stepping motors are adopted to precisely control the proportion of metering pump, and the proportion
adjusting range is 100:100-100:10;
◆ There is the stable quantitative output proportion , so it is suitable for automatically mixing and stirring two liquids for the encapsulation;
◆ The mixing system uses the dynamic / static mixing systems, so the materials can be mixed uniformly and fully;
◆ There are two cleaning methods, that is, gas purge and fluid cleaning, to automatically clean the mixing devices
and mixing transmission parts
◆ The stuff barrel is equipped with the sensing device for the high and low liquid level, there is the automatic alarm on
that the materials are used up or loaded completely, it is also equipped with the stirring, heating and vacuum
degasification functions, so it is suitable for the different perfusion processes;
◆ It is equipped with the anti
solidification and pokavoke functions, and can display faults.
◆ The precise positioning and three-axis linkage can be
◆ Many sets of glue-pouring parameters can be stored, and
it doesn't need to edit new parameter for same products.
◆ There are many optional functions, so it adapts to different
encapsulation processes

Application scope
It applies to the perfusion of the epoxy resin, polyurethane, silicone
and other double-components glue.

Specification Table

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