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Hin the sound with glue machine, automatic vacuum glue machine at Berlin, German

Hin the sound with glue machine, automatic vacuum glue machine at Berlin, Germany



The name of the exhibition



Berlin international motor, coil, insulationand electrical manufacturing exhibition(2015CWIEME)


Host address


Messe Berlin, Messedamm 22, D-14055, Berlin,Germany


Host times


On May 5-7, 2015


Xetar booth No.



"Berlin international coil, motor, insulation and electrical manufacturing exhibition" will be held in 2015 May 5-7 held in Berlin International Exhibition Center, the exhibition was first held in 1996 in Berlin Germany, held annually,has been 18 years of history. Has now become a professional exhibition of the electromagnetic coil, transformer, motor manufacturing and rewind and electrical insulation of the world's most influential.

As the glue injection and magnetic equipment industry leading enterprises,national high-tech enterprise, has been committed to R & D xetar technology,constantly meet the needs of customers, for customers to solve practical problems.

Xetar Technology Co. Ltd. will carry our independent research and won thenational patent products exhibition:

Glue machine series -- xetar glue machine glue with fast speed, high effect, the characteristics of rubber with good product consistency. Glue machineadjustment free from 1:1-10:1, using the dynamic mixing, glue evenly. Has the advantages of simple operation, good special effects. To solve the difficultiesand problems of product quality in the past due to manual operationencountered can be solved. Xetar dedicated glue machine research and development for 18 years, Central South University teaching and research base of fluid control, have a deep study on the metering pump metering pump,with analysis of a large number of data, the two-component resin which contains the filler properties, make the most suitable for the metering pumpglue pouring machine. To make you the best quality assurance.

The dispensing machine series: xetar dispensing system is of high accuracy requirements of products and the development of an automatic glue mixingaccording to the proportion of automatic dispensing equipment, xetardispenser to glue dispensing system and three axis system in the same table,take up the space is little, the pump body to use more sophisticated. Electronic products, automotive electronics, military products are generally applicable to the high requirements of the control precision can reach to 1%, glue, gluequantity to the minimum 0.2 grams, solves the problem of a lot of glue machine can fill more than 1 grams of the product. Fill the double liquid ratio automaticdispensing machine on the market blank.

Welcome to the new and old customers to visit the guidance of the!

Xetar products:

Glue machine, double liquid glue machine, vacuum glue machine, automaticglue machine, on-line glue machine, glue solution.

On-line dispensing dispensing machine, double liquid dispensing machine,automatic glue machine, machine, AB glue dispensing, dispensing solutions.

The scope of application:

Products applicable to the automotive electronics, solar energy, control system, reversing radar, super capacitor, motor, transformer, sensor,transducer, LED photoelectric, liquid crystal display, electromechanical, hornelectroacoustic, consumer electronics and other industries.

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