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How to solve the problem of bubble glue machine artificial glue?

How to solve the problem of bubble glue machine artificial glue?

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After curing are the main reasons of bubble and the bubbles:

1, stirring into the air, in the injection products and the curing process was completely removed without air. Phenomenon: small bubbles.

2, moisture curing agent and reaction produced gas, big bubble phenomenon:

The first cause of bubble solution:

In the main agent and curing agent are mixed together, glue machine by double liquid, vacuum system of the vacuum.

Open the glue machine heating system, preheating to escape potting products will contribute to air.

In the low curing temperature and humidity in the room so that the air there isenough time to escape.

The second cause of the bubble solution:

Here there are several possibilities is moisture and curing agent reaction

A, the main agent has been used many times, each stirring are mixed withmoisture. May also be because the packaging does not cover tight lid. In order to prove what is the reason, please follow the instructions to the main agent andcuring agent in a dry mix in the cup and put it into the oven drying (60-80 C). Ifthe bubble will still produce, then the main agent has changed, please don't use again. B, potting products contain too much moisture, recommended productsafter preheating, re test.

        The moisture response surface of C, the main agent and curing agent mixtureand in the surrounding air. If so, please cure in the  dry environment, if the product permits, can be put in the oven temperature after curing.

D, the main agent and curing agent of liquid mixtures may have come in contact with other chemicals before curing (such as solvent, stripping agent, varnish,glue, etc.). To ensure that the material was removed in the next test

        Xetar vacuum glue machine has high performance advantages, obviouslyreliable and durable, simple design, suitable for multi specification products.Effectively solve the bubble problem of products. Equipped with friendlyoperation software, to ensure that the system is stable and reliable. The design of the system for the application of glue bicomponent epoxy resin, polyammonium double liquid grease, two-component silicone two-component liquidunder vacuum condition, three axis adjustable stroke, the application ofproducts. XETAR for customers in the development, manufacturing and product innovation, to provide complete solutions.

       The working principle of vacuum filling machine: rubber products will be placedin a vacuum, double solution according to a certain proportion mixed glue later.The purpose is to greatly improve the quality of glue, high degree of automation, shorten the process, improve the production efficiency. Suitable for double liquid epoxy resin, polyurethane, double double liquid liquid silicone rubber two liquid resin material, suitable for glue complex structure products,products requiring high quality glue.

Apply glue:

A two-component epoxy resin

Double liquid polyurethane

Double liquid silicone rubber

Two liquid resin material

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