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Dispensing with the glue machine future market

Dispensing with the glue machine future market

Glue machine vacuum glue machine automatic glue machine glue machinexetar national high-tech enterprise xetar glue machine has a number of Central South University research base glue machine patent

Dispensing with the glue machine all two fluid as automation equipmentindustry, is also the product of fluid dispensing glue. But the two are different.In the choose and buy is if still should glue dispensing machine, can according to their different, to choose according to individual needs.

Currently on the market most of the dispensing machine is mainly by air pressure to control the glue, of course there is no pressure control. While theglue machine mainly by the metering pump to control the glue, by adjusting thepump speed to regulate the glue quantity, such as the use of glue machineonly xetar metering pump with independent R & D and production ofprofessional research and development, in cooperation with the Central South University for 16 years, Guangdong high tech products. Currently on the market are mainly: metering pump gear pump (mainly used in non filler screw pump (glue), mainly used for the filling glue, wear resistance), plunger pump(also called ceramic pump, high wear resistance, but the price is very expensive), so when in the selection of glue machine, we rely on according to their own the properties of product and the glue used to consider the choice of what kind of pump is the most appropriate, xetar will recommend high quality and inexpensive equipment for the customer according to the customer's actual requirements!

Since entering twenty-first Century, living habits and consumption patterns of people there are different degrees of change, which has become the mainstream of the development of the era of personalized. And personalhabits, consumption habits also spawned the development of various sectorsof the individual. LED lighting and consumer electronics products according to user needs, has developed many new features. In the production process ofpackaging equipment, automatic dispensing machine, automatic glue machinesuch requirements have changed. Therefore, non-standard customization has become a new development direction of fluid control equipment.

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